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  1. I'm looking for "X" SteelBook can anyone help me find it? (No 'Haves')

    Hey y'all. I'm looking for The Raid debossed steelbook. Open is preferred.
  2. Multi Life Is Strange (2015)

    I just started this today. Good so far. Really enjoying the art style and story/ dialogue so far.
  3. Sooooooo, what's up?

    Yeah, I saw that it was about to happen. Just a coincidence though, as I had thought it was in early Feb usually. Very light winter here. Was shocking how little snow we actually received.
  4. Sooooooo, what's up?

    Hey y'all . what's up? It's been awhile since I've stuck my head around here. Since I've been away I've gotten a new job after leaving my employer of 18 years, I've sold virtually all my steelbooks and other collectible type stuff mainly for monetary reasons. Passion has moved from mainly...
  5. The 2015 'I've Received My #bestweekever Prize' thread-TBA

    Mine arrive! =) Thanks for the Giveaway! 2015-03-07 08.48.56 by adrenaline78, on Flickr
  6. [WINNER CHOOSEN] [NINJA WEEK '15 GIVEAWAY] Ninja Week ain't over yet....

    Yes Yes The first was a good try. If we can get a premium movie and make it a premium edition then it would help get the ball rolling for future editions.

    I had a 1991 Toyota mr2. That was a fun little car to drive.
  8. [WINNER CHOSEN] [Ninja Week'15] Digitalbabe's Surprise Out of Print Steelbook Ninjathon # 2

    Shawshank redemption Back to the future The dark knight Se7en Die hard
  9. [WINNER CHOSEN][NINJA WEEK '15 GIVEAWAY] Cinderella, Planes 2, Prodigy BR's

    I'd wish for 10/trillion dollars and and to live healthy for 100 years.
  10. [WINNER CHOSEN][NINJA WEEK '15 GIVEAWAY] A Set of HMV Exclusive Sci-Fi SteelBooks

    Back to the future at Marcus theater in madison

    Se7en I would name my tank, bubba
  12. [WINNER CHOSEN] Pud1804 Finding Nemo & Dick Tracy Ninja Week '15 Give-away

    I've never seen dick Tracy, so dory would be my choice
  13. [WINNER CHOSEN] Wreck it Ralph (Blufans) Lenti #47

    Favvideo game. Uncharted 2. Not only is it an amazing game. It got me back into gaming. Thanks @Paulapips