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    Funny/Awesome Vids and Pics

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    Funny/Awesome Vids and Pics

    You can now find yours truly on youtube ;) Go and check out my first vid and if you feel like it subscribe :thanks: and comments and feedback is always more than welcome :cool: BeardedGeekNinja
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    The Vengeance Trilogy (Blu-ray) (Arrow Video) [UK]

    Live on Amazon :thanks: :thanks:
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    I am looking for X Limited Ed/Collectors Ed-Current value and help thread

    I am looking for Arrow Limited Edition Hills Have Eyes part 1 Opened or sealed :thanks: Message me if you have one for sale :thanks: Thank you.
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    I'm looking for "X" Blu-ray (Disc Only) can anyone help me find it?

    I am looking for: What the Waters Left Behind with English subtitles. Any info is very much appreciated. Thaaaank youuuu!! :thanks::thanks:
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    Mediabook Sin City (Blu-ray Mediabook) [Germany]

    Oh yeah Thanks for the heads up
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    CGC Graded Comics - Chat & Show Off!

    Sweet haul man :thumbs: Have to give that immortal hulk a go, looked pretty interesting :cool:
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    WINNER CHOSEN #NOODLESWEEK! The Running Man - Blu-ray SteelBook

    Done :thumbs: instagram Thanks for the giveaway :thanks:
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    [WINNER CHOSEN] The Stupendous, Codswallop of a Giveaway!

    Thank you for this awesome giveaway :thanks: 1-Halloween 2-Ready player one 3-Bumblebee 4-Deadpool 2 5-Infinity wars @spass
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    Anyone on Instagram?

    Always following my follow ninjas and welcome to the world of instagram :thanks: my tag @beardedgeekninja ;)
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    All Week Random horror blurays

    Friday the 13th part 3 Thanks for the giveaway :thumbs:
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    WINNER CHOSEN zesty Giveaway #11 - IT Custom Lenticular Slipbox (3 Winners Chosen)

    Friday the 13th part 3 Thanks for the giveaway :thumbs::thumbs: