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  1. The SNEAKERHEAD Thread

    Game over :D
  2. The SNEAKERHEAD Thread

    More new kicks! Oreo's and Uptempo's! MJ and Pippen in da house!
  3. The SNEAKERHEAD Thread

    I'm so entering this thing. Couldn't care less about the shoes themselves, but they are amazing trading tools and their value on the market is just ridiculous! Thanks for the info bro! :)
  4. The SNEAKERHEAD Thread

    I pity the fools who are going to pay that amount for them lol! They are exclusive, yes, but not worth that :D
  5. The SNEAKERHEAD Thread

    Congrats :D
  6. The SNEAKERHEAD Thread

    Had to wait in line but got them! They are worth the wait!
  7. The SNEAKERHEAD Thread

    Are you getting it @Bluprint ?
  8. The SNEAKERHEAD Thread

    No Wings for me unfortunately. The Nike app doesn't work in Canada or. Something :( I will pick up the French Blue's in store though.
  9. The SNEAKERHEAD Thread

    Belive it or not another awesome local deal! Jordan 11'shoes bred DS! Grail alert!
  10. The SNEAKERHEAD Thread

    Not into the Pippens nope :) I'm in love with my new acquisitions though. I mean seriously!
  11. The SNEAKERHEAD Thread

    Sold out haha!
  12. The SNEAKERHEAD Thread

    Good scores! Wish I could wrap my mind around the cements, they are definitely not growing on me. And I have to keep some money for the 12 a French blue and the 12 Flu game later in :) I should have 2 more J's to post tonight. Stay tuned!
  13. The SNEAKERHEAD Thread

    Picked them up locally. Dead stock and paid less then retail! Can't believe my luck!
  14. The SNEAKERHEAD Thread

    Just scored my first pair of Jordan's 1.
  15. The SNEAKERHEAD Thread

    I'm so jealous of your infrared! They are my favorite Jordan's, along with the Jordan's 7 Raptor. Too pricy for my budget :(