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    I am looking for X Limited Ed/Collectors Ed-Current value and help thread

    I’m ISO an X Files blu Ray Steelbook. Preferably open and in mint condition but will also take sealed. Hit me with a PM!
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    blumaster's I'm Having A Kid Blowout Sale

    Just as the title says, my wife and I are expecting our first to arrive this coming March so everything must go! Everything is priced to move! Prices do not include shipping but shipping will be exact postage cost. I can provide pictures through PM. Everything is mint unless noted. Signed...
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    [WINNER CHOSEN] Apollon's "You ready, Ninjas?" #12 - Manta Lab - The Revenant - Leather Slip Edition

    I love the amazing extras! MantaLabs has some of the best slips in the business! Thanks for the giveaways!
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    It's been amazing!!! Thanks!!!
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    [WINNER ANNOUNCED] KimchiDVD Mystery Prize number 2!

    True Lies with full gloss
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    [Winner chosen] Novamedia Nightcrawler 1-Click Steelbook Package giveaway

    thanks for the giveaway!!!! #bestweekever
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    [WINNERS ANNOUNCED] The Blu Collection Mystery Prize Pack

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    [winner chosen] Signed Blu-ray Movie Trio - Dredd - Pans - Event Horizon

    My favorite part of HDN is the people and the community feeling. Also love the Mondo steelbook sub-forum. It's hard to pin point something that would make HDN better. It's a fantastic site that has continues to grow and get better because of the people at the top. One thing that comes to mind...