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  • would be great toi get a date for the event but no real rush. I'd just like to keep an eye on prices in case they come down drastically.

    hmm, posted in the wrong guestbook. :D here again...

    Hi BluQueen!

    Yes, was a funny game. We must do this again in near future.

    No, sorry. Until now there are no girls in our clan. But perhaps in the next match we have a girl too.

    Have a nice day
    I'm back Mighty B. was on last night for a while playing with Rach, Horns and Death.....look me up on PSN
    I'm gonna check out some more when I get off work today, my big 1.75 hour work day! I'm hoping I have enough money!
    Good to finally get back on the PS3 got to play with Glenn and the Horns Clan tonight as well
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