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  • Hi! I want buy from you steelbook OZ 3D blu fans, please i already sent message for you last month and until so far no one reply.
    Hey Kevin, I was wondering if I could be added to the UP! 3D Slip group-buy by any chance? I was here on the thread when it opened and actually posted if you go back...had over 30 posts but couldn't access the GB for whatever reason. Wanting the giftset as well, but afraid I may miss out altogether. Let me know if there's an extra or anything you can do for me! Thanks!
    Hi mate, I have sent payment for face off blufans and have replied to the hub thread but don't seem to be on the list.
    Hi there mate,left you a message regarding OZ GB,and explaining why I have pulled out,before payment invoice has been sent.
    hi Kevin I will be on holiday from the 5th of august for 2 weeks so will you please poste WR around the 13th to me so it will arrive to me when I return form my holiday . thanks and all the best to you . Tony
    Hi kevin, i put on the group buy for 2d slip wreck it ralph so i hope i made it on the list. Waiting for the invoice so i can pay asap by paypal.Thanks
    HI Kevin it is ordered now sorry I was looking in the wrong GB lol I put for 2 I but I see only 1 per member so please 1 for me then . all the best Tony
    GB Wreck-It Ralph Blufans 3D slip Notebook version
    this is the one I wont it is still locket my friend
    montana2974 is online now
    Hi Kevin
    Hope it's not to late with the pre-order of FACE/OFF, notice today my name not on the invoice list. Would really appreciate if it could be still possible to order one.
    Many thanks, Andy
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