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  • Hi Carl, Do I have to wait until you send me an invoice for my GB??
    I got 1x - Terminator 3 and 1x John Wick Angel Devil Box
    HI! Can you send me the tracking for martian and everest? Thanks!
    Lohner Klaus
    Good evening.
    just wanted to ask when you will send my 2 Forrest Gump.
    Many greetings, Lohner
    hi have you found my payment of 14 November on behalf of Manu- El Terminator V2 and my full name Emmanuel MOLINES ? for you have written but not paid ship now and I paid the postage to Collector03601 yesterday ... I saw that you find not many Payment what's going on? Thank you

    I am very sorry, but I am going to have to drop out of the group buy. I forgot to cancel another couple of steelbook versions of the movie before they shipped, and don't want to incur the cost of any extra versions of the same movie. I understand I will be banned from future group buys. My apologies for any inconvenience I may have caused!
    Hi Carl, T3&Chappie&Furious 7-Dodge & Paul Walker, but it hasn’t arrived yet. Please let me know when I can expect to receive the item.
    hi Carl
    Please can you get me a book of king kong fullslip filmarena I pay you now ... I registered on the UK but I have had no response from you.
    Please make you the necessary.

    Hi Carl
    Prosím, můžete mi dostat knihu King Konga fullslip filmarena tě platím teď ... jsem se zaregistroval na Velké Británii, ale já jsem neměl žádnou odpověď od vás.
    Prosím, aby vám to nezbytné.
    Hi !
    I'm not really sure if I'm doing everything right? :p
    But I guess I do :)

    I've ordered 2 x "Dredd" #300 & #301 and also "Bird man" #302 and just wonder if you can confirm that you have get my orders.
    So I can be sure because it's the first time I'm buying via group buy.

    Thank you.
    Hi, was wondering if you could please give me an idea of when my copy of Whiplash and 2 copies of Kingsman are likely to ship? Many thanks! Marc
    Hi waiting for your address :) and shipped now :)
    Hey I've paid for terminator chappie, and both editions of j.wick however I'm still waiting for shipping costs to be evaluated also have not paid for ex machina as I've heard nothing from you over 2weeks..

    Kindest regards
    Hello, have my 2 Kingsman shipped or do you know when you'll be shipping please? There was a mix up with the username. i put chester21 when it shold have been shadk27 but this is now resolved and confirmed you've had payment. I also asked to be removed from Whiplash reserve list and had paid for Kingsman and shipping as requested. Thnaks
    Hi I ordered Kingsman steelbook czech version. My number is 309. I changed my address from Canada to South Korea. I was wondering when my items are shipped because I'm moving pretty soon. Could you please send mine fast?? I'm really sorry but I'm afraid thay I won't get my bluray safely once I move. Thank you.
    Hi Carl,
    I paid for Chappie & T3 shipping.
    Furious 7 Paul Walker #50&#51 would like the other delivery.
    Thank you.
    Hello Karel,
    I'm sorry to ask you this but I need that you remove my name from the GB Terminator 3 Rise of the Machines (number 53 in the list).
    Thank you.
    Hey, I've paid for T1 and shipping. Also now paid for Kingsman, which you can ship together. Many thanks, Jonathan
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