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  1. Oblivion (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (EverythingBlu - BluPack #007) [UK]

    need your help are there protective covers for the EBLUE editions? the FAC - XL do not fit thank you in advance for your help
  2. Solo: A Star Wars Story (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (Zavvi Exclusive) [UK]

    the steelbooks come with me in France 4K, BD & Bonus Disc, this is not the case in Germany
  3. Solo: A Star Wars Story (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (Zavvi Exclusive) [UK]

    since there are some who didn't get the steelbook, including me, According to information on the net, the steelbooks are also published in France, but in contrast be identical to Zavvi for the German release i.e. 4K UHD, BD and Bonus-BD are on board.
  4. Kong: Skull Island (3D+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (FilmArena Collection #147) [Czech Republic]

    I get the embossed ZAVVI Steelbook, the 3D logo on the front doesn't work at all
  5. Inglourious Basterds (Blu-ray Slipbox) (CX Media Exclusive) [Taiwan]

    looks like the FS from Manta, own the box, I would be interested in whether a steelbook fits in here
  6. How Many SteelBooks Do You Own? Post pics of collection / last acquired!

    how do I upload pictures here, am new here
  7. The Amazing Spider-Man (4K+3D+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (WeET Collection Exclusive No.06) [Korea]

    Incidentally, according to WeET, there will be a full and a lenticular Full slip for each of the two films, as well as a box that will fit all four editions (Black Panther size). # 06 and # 07 should appear at the same time. WeET Facebook (answer to a question in the comments)