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    UK ONLY - Jackie Brown Lenticular FullSlip SteelBook Group Buy

    Are we getting the one click or is that only for our friends in the USA
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    [OPEN] Solo: A Star Wars Story 4K UHD Target Exclusive

    Hi there - I don’t seem to have received my copy ? Thanks David clayton
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    I am looking for X Limited Ed/Collectors Ed-Current value and help thread

    Carol Plain Archive deluxe box set Hi there - anyone own this who is willing to part with it for sale or trade ? Cheers dvdclayton
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    I'm looking for "X" slipcover, can you help?

    Miss Sloane Novamedia Full Slip Hi there - does anyone own this as really really want it so willing to buy or trade - cheers dvdclayton
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    [Looking For] Under the Skin Novamedia #10 Fullslip

    I have this not sealed but in perfect condition- one of my fav steels but would trade or consider an offer I guess if you are desperate - cheers dvdclayton have
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    Custom/Fanmade Lenticular Black Panther and Star Wars The Last Jedi Slipboxes

    Hi there - I am in UK also and not received the slips so also wondered if you have shipped yet ? Cheers dvdclayton
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    [CLOSED] Marvel's Black Panther Target Exclusive Group Buy

    Hi Andy - I am really sorry I have just made a purchase on this group buy and I assumed it was the 4k version ...can I cancel please . Happy to pay any costs - I have bought annihilation on your group buy so you can shop that - thanks dvdclayton
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    [OPEN] Ready Player One 4K UHD Lenticular Slipcover

    Hi there - can u cancel my order on this group buy ? Just seen that France are doing a 4k edition with 3D included - happy to pay any fees etc - thanks dvdclayton
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    [CLOSED] The Greatest Showman Target Exclusive Group Buy

    Does anyone know if target blu rays are region free or if they are normally region a only - cheers
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    [ME#06] Fight Club Lenticular Slip Edition

    Ok thanks I should have checked the Manta website I am an idiot
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    [ME#06] Fight Club Lenticular Slip Edition

    Ko ok fair enough I thought the title was already released and there is no details on the thread re release date but I have learnt my lesson