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    Multi Fast & Furious Crossroads (2020)

    looks more like a moible game then a ps3 game.I have no idea why they are even making this.I love the fast movies but the games out side of the horizon dlc have been meh at best.
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    PS4 Ghost of Tsushima (2020)

    This game needs a 30 minute developer gameplay walkthrough.The whole "this trailer is made from from gameplay and cinematic" is not enough.
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    Multi Godfall [Next-Gen] (2020)

    yeah, it's a ps5 game but it looks dull as all out doors.
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    Upcoming Harley Quinn (Season 1) [DC Universe]

    Pretty sure this is going to be better than the live action movie.
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    Top Gun: Maverick - In theaters December 23, 2020

    Glad to see the F -14 is back. guessing he is going to somehow shoot down drowns with old school tech right?Story actually sounds very interesting.Age finally catching up with mav.
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    PS4 GreedFall (2019)

    This games looks like a solid sleeper.
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    Blade - In theaters TBA

    Maybe it will stream like Falcon and Winter Soldier.I can't see blade going pg 13.
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    Upcoming Batwoman (Season 2) [The CW]

    This looks like Garbage.And a bad actress to boot.
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    The Upside - In theaters January 11, 2019

    Didn't they film this is 2016?Wonder why it has taken so long to get this out?
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    Vice - In theaters December 25, 2018

    This movie looks amazing.Bale always kills it and Rockwell rarely disappoints.I saw some sites say this was suppose to be satire .I wonder if that's true? Trailer could go either way.
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    Black Panther 2 - In theaters May 6, 2022

    They made a billion dollars was there ever any doubt?
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    The Best of Enemies - In theaters April 5, 2019

    Gonna keep my eye on this.There are way to many movies being put out about Americas bad history of race relations.
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    Atomic Blonde 2 - In theaters TBA

    probably the only part of the first movie i didn't like.It felt forced into the movie and should have been written out. I wonder where the movie will go story wise.The first movie had plenty of story twist and intrigue, so i wonder how they pull if of this time around with the crowd knowing...
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    Night School - In theaters September 28, 2018

    This was probably funnier then anything she has done.
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    PS4 Spider-Man (2018)

    Hype train is going strong.Gameinformer is killing it right now.