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  1. Random PS3 News Thread

    :hilarious: Come in Red River 2, Come in Red River 2.. Guess some people might not remember the reference. I am still going to wait to create an info thread when theres plenty more information and gameplay videos, starting one too early is like trying to spit against the wind. :(
  2. Mafia 2 Megathread - Out Now

    I have to say, I liked what I saw, Im putting this on my to buy list.
  3. Brink Megathread - Releases on May 10, 2011

    Expect some more information about brink saturday, at quakecon. Special BRINK Presentation - Main Stage When Sat, August 14, 11am – 12pm Where Chantilly Ballroom (map) Description Paul Wedgwood, CEO of Splash Damage and Game Director of Brink will...
  4. Kojima and Possible PlayStation 3 Exclusive at TGS?

    He could always be just messing with us. :hilarious: Either way Kojima make the game you want.
  5. Medal of Honor Megathread

    All in all it just made me put in Operation Flashpoint 2 Dragon Rising and do some long range sniping. Rifleman is history, Sniper is history, boyscout with rusty pen knive is history, 2 the noob that ramboed is down, 2: 1 Seize fire friendly, "puts another round to be sure". :hilarious...
  6. Medal of Honor Megathread

    I was saddened to see assault rifles more accurate at long range then sniper rifles in the beta, or worse it was actually easier to kill someone with a pistol from range, a little too much sway even when crouched, without being able to go prone there really isn't anything the player can do to...
  7. Operation Flashpoint 2 : Dragon Rising - Megathread

    You haven't put in all of the preorder codes.. huh well will await patiently for the update. Thanks for the hand. On another note which of the dlcs do you own?
  8. Operation Flashpoint 2 : Dragon Rising - Megathread

    I just discovered a new extra code, but I need someone who hasn't already put in the other bonus codes for the fire team missions, because I think its a all in 1 code if you know what I mean. Code: BLEEDINGBADLY (note 1 word all caps) it unlocks FTE, since I put all the codes in, I didn't...
  9. Just Cause 2 Megathread

    You still owe me some operation flashpoint 2 :-
  10. Just Cause 2 Megathread

    Actually there is more structure then is apparent. After earning x amount of chaos it unlocks a angency mission (main storyline) beat story line mission earn more chaos unlock new agency mission, beat agency mission, continue until you beat the last agency mission declare yourself the absolute...
  11. Just Cause 2 Megathread

    Lol you realize you quoted my entire post, so which thing didn't work.. :hilarious: Okay im going to assume the later half of the demo extension.. Let me be very clear on this when I say Rapidly press the psn button on the controller and x I do not mean tap, I mean press them together as...
  12. Medal of Honor Megathread

    Hmm actually looking forward to this one to some extent, im still worried its going to be another pew pew shooter. I remember how much a letdown bfbc2 was, when I shot the sky and the bullets freezing into the skybox.. using a ballistic system that dates back to Unreal 1, (predates Unreal...
  13. Just Cause 2 Megathread

    kay just remeber my instructions on the 30 minute demo timer :happy grin: Have fun, there is a little airport in the demo with a prop stunt plane.
  14. Just Cause 2 Megathread

    You hit start to access the pause menu, and go over to video capture there is a manual or automatic capture setting, I suggest manual and then accessing the start menu you can tell it to stop and then upload directly to youtube or to your ps3's hard drive. lol Yes but its cool to capture...
  15. Just Cause 2 Megathread

    Well the game is out, I thought I would share some of my youtube videos ive taken with the ps3 video/audio capture option. <object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie"...