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  • And I also want to know, whether you have Midnight In Paris fnac digibook, Pack Chico & Rita fnac digibook, Criadas y señoras fnac digibook and Pack Clerks + Clerks II fnac digibook? If you have, and the price is ok, I'll take them too.
    Thanks a lot
    Hi Doctor Canus, I want to buy:

    Shutter Island Fnac Exclusive (Open but new)10€
    Valor de Ley (True Gritt – Matt Damon) Fnac Exclusive 15€
    Hellraiser 3 White (3 Disc) 15€
    Hellraiser 4 White (3 Disc) 15€
    Hellraiser 1 Black 15€
    Hellraiser 2 Black 15€
    Printz Eisenherz (Prince valiant) 5€

    Tomorrow, I'll ask my friend 'douglaslu' to get touch with you, and discuss the details.
    Thank you.
    Yanxin Yang
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