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  • Hi, are there still empty Rocky fullslips available?
    I just put my order in for the, and I left a "note for seller" about packaging. I also saw some other posts on here about inadequate packaging, and I'm a little concerned.
    I would be very disappointed if it arrived damaged in any way. Can you please ensure mine gets packaged well? Order # 1684?
    Thank you.
    We had some troubles with first shipments but we'll take care of protection for your One-Click.
    You can see on Moon Pictures the real packaging for international shipments.
    Thank you for your interest and support!
    Another month has passed and I know by now, that you won't send me the missing steelbook anymore. You could at least refund the money I paid for it, but I don't expect this from you either anymore. I feel really stupid to have waited 3 months and that I really believed you. I only can hope there are no other forum users you tread like this. I'm really disappointed by your behaviour.
    I'm sorry but sometimes messages went lost between Group Buy Advices.
    Don't you see it anymore when I write you a message?! It's really weird that you barely reply anymore since weeks and I still didn't get that last steelbook after over a month...I'm not even sure if I can still expect to get this last steelbook you still owe me! oO

    I would really appreciate if we could finalize this soon in good ways...I hope I can still count on you!
    Please check my messages from the last weeks and reply...
    Clear some pms
    Your inbox is full. Clear some messages and pm me. Thanks
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