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    The Mummy: The Book of The Living (4K & Blu-ray SteelBooks) (EverythingBlu - BluPick Series #004) [UK]

    I missed out on the Book of the Dead so I'll be trying to secure one of these for sure.
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    I received my #NinjaWeek 2019 prize!

    Thank you so much to @Wreck for the Ace Ventura print and surprise prints and coin plus the Goose Pop - this is the most exciting mail day ever!!! I'm going out to buy frames today, and my cat is verryyyy into the Goose pop so I'm going to have to set that up on a high shelf :) This has been so...
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    WINNER CHOSEN Ace Ventura Poster Give-Away + Mystery Print

    Oh man thank you thank you I’m so excited to display!!!!!
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    Sat-Day 6 HITMAN 2 (for PS4) Giveaway!

    I may have to buy VR for the new Iron Man game, it looks so good!
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    [ENDED]AUTOGRAPHED!! SIGNED!! Glass SteelBook by Director M. Night Shyamalan

    Split is my favorite with Glass as a close second, James McAvoy’s performance in both is so phenomenal.
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    WINNER CHOSEN rj531's MondoX Ex Machina and Boyhood Variant

    Ex Machina is my favorite so far because it's such perfect art for the film. As far as what should be steelbooked going forward, I honestly also really love this Ex Machina art:
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    WINNER CHOSEN Black Panther DOUBLE LENTI Blufans SteelBook Edition Giveaway

    I truly with all my heart want a Pepper Potts movie!
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    WINNER CHOSEN Jaws Finatics' GET NINJAFIED-Premium Membership GIveaway

    My favorite martial arts film is Police Story, I have such good memories of watching it with my dad!