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    A Trip to the Moon (1902) +The Extraordinary Voyage (2011) (Blu-ray Limited Edition) (Arrow Academy) (Arrow Store Exclusive) [UK]

    I have the Flicker Alley release so don't really know if I want to spend that much for a double dip. Yes, the book is very cool...need to think about this. At that price, I may have some wiggle time yet. :)
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    The Vincent Price Collection (Blu-ray) (Scream Factory) [USA]

    Decided to order the full set vice just "Masque". 'Price' was right ($56 Cdn) :)
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    Anime: News, Purchases and Discussions

    Hi Folks; In response, @AlienKing , I ordered the Berserk and Samurai Champloo Steels from Anime -on-Line (Anime Lmtd). Link: My Berserk arrived (pic below) but sadly not my...
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    The Cabin In The Woods (Blu-ray Metalpak) [Netherlands]

    As nice as it is, the Blu-ray banner along top hurts the art, imho. Same reason I bought the dvd ed for Solomon Kane (which now contains a Blu) vice the Metalpak.
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    Mediabook Sleepy Hollow (Blu-ray Mediabook) [Germany]

    I'd be interested to hear @TheCollector86 if you in fact receive what you ordered. Please let us know when it arrives? Ta friend. :)
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    Split Second (Blu-ray Collector's Edition) [USA]

    Lovely! I've ordered the UK release but will no doubt grab this one as well, 'cause reasons...
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    Slipbox Knowing (Blu-ray Slipbox) (ARA Media Limited Edition #26) [Korea]

    I gotta say, that slip cover and the Scanavo cover art ( for the OP) are gorgeous! I may need to grab that. :)
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    Slipbox Knowing (Blu-ray Slipbox) (ARA Media Limited Edition #26) [Korea]

    Your referring to the "original" of course, right buddy? :thumbs:
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    Slipbox Farewell My Concubine (Blu-ray Slipbox) (Nova Plain Edition) [Korea]

    ^^ As the disc contains subs for Mandarin and Korean, I doubt it's the same disc @Real Steel. I do think it may be the same disc, as the one I ordered from Kimchi some time ago though. Regardless, that slip and Scanavo case in the OP is absolutely class A art, so I'll get this forthcoming ed...
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    DigiPack John Wick - Parabellum Trilogy Edition (Blu-ray DigiPack) [Japan]

    Yeah, the title "Parabellum" actually threw me off on a casual look and I overlooked the fact it's the trilogy. I have FAC's Pt-1 and the Scandinavian box set and Nova releases for Pt-3. Just need to track down a Premium for Pt-2 and I think I'm good though. :) ( I have no excuse for missing the...
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    Mediabook Sleepy Hollow (Blu-ray Mediabook) [Germany]

    What an absolute horror show of a release this has turned out to be. My German contact was sent what is shown above as Cover A (dark cover), after ordering Cover C (silver cover) from Media Markt. :pain: I've asked him to send it to me (as any cover is better than no cover) and keep an eye for...
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    DigiPack 2001: A Space Odyssey (4K+2D Blu-ray Digipack) (WCL Exclusive No.17) [China]

    One of the greatest releases of a film in my entire collection. This one's going in the coffin with me, when they plant me. :happy:
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    I, Monster (Blu-ray Limited Edition) (Powerhouse Films) [UK]

    Ordered from Zavvi, together with 101 Films ed of "Split Second". :happy: edit: I just noticed that Kim Newman also provides his views, very nice! I have a great deal of time for that Gentleman. :) The other additional materials are pretty darn incredible as well! As usual, thanks very much...
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    Split Second (Blu-ray Limited Edition) (101 Films) [UK]

    Just ordered, together with "I Monster" ( Cushing and Lee). :happy: I'll be ordering the MVD ed. as well.