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  1. Album you're listening to???

    Rehab: 13 Fixtape. Great album beginning to end. Next week I'll be listening to Hed (p.e.)'s new album
  2. PS3/PS4 Heavy Rain (2010)

    finally got to finish this game. i thought the concept was great. the story was well done. they actually got to care about the characters. i got the sex trophy(or whatever it was called)LOL. all my characters lived. since i don't have time to play it again for different endings i just went to...
  3. Moving Forward (No Flash for Apple)

    there is a browser for android that came out yesterday called skyfire that plays full flash. i'm glad i left at&t and the iphone.
  4. People who have cut the cable cord, get in here.

    p2p4u dot net thats how i watched football games on sundays when i work.
  5. iPhone Megathread (Includes iPhone 4 and iOS4)

    I just recently left at&t and my iphone is now just an ipod. Today my HTC Incredible was ordered. I can't wait to get it!
  6. Blu-ray/Movie you just purchased or watched thread

    Red Cliff (International version) This movie is fantastic. Highly recommened. Just make sure you get the International version.
  7. Facebook Lite has been axed!

    "Stan, poke your grandma!"
  8. Ichi The Killer Delayed Yet Again!

    i have this movie. looks great too me. not sure if you are talking about the steel book though?
  9. PS3/PS4 Heavy Rain (2010)

    i love this game. it has great story and it feels like you are a part of it. it did freeze on me a couple times so far. for anyone that finished it, how many hours did it take?
  10. How Netflix will quickly become useless

    This sucks. Netflix is the reason i have so many movies. I decided to rent 2 movies a couple weeks ago at the video cost almost $7 for two freakin movies!
  11. Most anticipated game of 2010

    it so cool seeing a list of games that i want to play and i won't have time to play them. i'm still on ch.3 of uncharted 2.
  12. The rant/blurb thread

    yep, free movie. it isn't on there anymore :(
  13. Ridley Scott's Robin Hood !!!

    just as long as they don't do the arrow being shot into another arrow thing i'll be happy with it.
  14. Avatar 2 - In theaters December 16, 2022

    i was worried all the hype was going to ruin this movie. and it turned out to be one awesome f'n movie! best 3D in a movie thus far.