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  • Some call him Horhay,I call him Legend :-)
    4 years with the site, congrats mi hermano! ;)
    Hi i was just wondering if you know how to put photos from an iphone straight onto the forum cheers ;)
    wow has it been 3 years already lol
    3 years and have done some good work sir
    Happy 3 years anniversary Horhay!

    Could we have a slot just like the Steelbooks, but underneath for Digibooks and BD box sets?

    Hey, have you gotten any notifications about me trying to access stuff lately? I stopped using tapatalk to see if that could be the problem.
    He told me that too, I was just wondering what it was since it seemed weird. Don't worry as long as no problems occur to your access then you are good to go.
    i just told cali that i updated tapatalk for my phone, maybe that is trying to do something screwy?
    yeah it said unknown location :P could be nothing though so disregard this.
    Huh? not sure what i'm trying to access. did it say i was having a problem?
    Yup, a couple of them are here from time to time. Miguel and alpha never fail :)
    haha yeaa good group of guys! i miss them but glad i found them all again but it seems like it has been awhile since they have posted here... :(
    well ty! glad to be here :)
    working!! LOL Sup wit u?
    Sup foolio
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