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    GB for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Full Slip) (HDzeta Exclusive No.14)

    Is there any copies left? If so, 1 to the USA please.
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    [WINNER CHOSEN] Ninja Week 2017 Afterglow Giveaway (Part 6)

    Star Trek!! Thank you for the chance!
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    [WINNERS ANNOUNCED] The Blu Collection Mystery Prize Pack

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    [WINNER CHOSEN] Amazon $75 Gift Voucher Giveaway (Ninja Week 2017)

    My favorite thing is that the community is very helpful to each other. Also that I'd basically where I took at for future releases info.
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    [WINNER ANNOUNCED] Mystery KimchiDVD Prize!

    Thor 2 Lenticular for me.
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    **WINNER CHOSEN** Double Geeky Goodness

    I went around the 7 GameStop stores across 3 cities yo find a figure and shirt, and made them call the other stores in the area to check for stock. So when I got to the next store, they knew it was me who was going around like a crazy looking for a figure. One of the guys at the store even told...
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    [Winner chosen] Zavvi 100 GBP gift voucher-Ninja Week giveaway!

    Aladdin Robin Hood Alice in Wonderland Hercules Treasure Planet
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    [Winner chosen] Zavvi 6 Steelbook package-Ninja Week giveaway!

    Thank you Zavvi. U rock!
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    [Winner chosen] HUGE 25 Steelbook & Collectibles-Ninja Week giveaway!

    I really like that the community as a whole try to help each other with information and also to direct others the right way.
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    I'm looking for "X" SteelBook can anyone help me find it? (No 'Haves')

    Looking for: Batman v Superman Lenticular (NovaMedia) Spotlight Lenticular (KimchiDVD) Sherlock: The Abominable Bride (UK) The Phantom of the Opera Metalpak (Japan) The Hunger Games Complete Collection (UK) The Walking Dead Seasons 4-6 (UK) Taken 3 (HMV) -Looking for TRADE or TRADE + CASH...