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    thanks for the come back,my friend.your collection is totally awesome"amazing"
    been thinking,ive been trying to get 2 lenticulars,1st is pans labyrinth and the other is legend of the gaurdians in english title...i can get one in german title but prefer english.
    if in your travels you come across these two,could you remember me please
    reguards gaz....p/s should get dances with wolves cover early next week hopefully
    hi mate,hope you got my message on ebay.again real sorry for the delay mate.in reguards to a site,im tracking down one and will let you know.i also collect steels and mostly lenticular covers(which ive just sorted started)....mate if there is anything i can help you with in aussie land don't hessitate to give me a yell.
    reguards gazza
    wow! one year of being addicted to Steelbooks!...when are we setting up an SBA? Steelbook Anonymous? ;-)
    ah...okey...good thing you told me about the Fighter...that was next on the list...
    yes two or three in a package would be great so at least you can get it quicker...just have to see this postal strike (its a different city or area every day)...i know it's Toronto and Montreal in the next few days so I won't be sending it...just email me or pm which one you want me to send...machete wuld be great..I heard it's on sale right now! Akira, Adjustment, Source Code, Shogun Assasin, Expendables (ours was G1), Scott Pilgrim, Deathly Hallows too...but just the easy to find ones...if still available. I was planning to get some Japanese ones because I have a friend there in Tokyo but it is still too expensive! Thanks!
    hi matey, thanks for that. im gonna go in to my local town tomorrow to get myself the new superman boxset, so whilst im in hmv, im gonna see if i can pick up paul and true grit for you, save getting them delivered.
    when ive got those 2 do you want to do a 2 for 2 exchange? i will keep an eye out for a machete too if you are still after that one.
    let me know if there any other uk steelys you are after. i have picked up a copy of fighter now, so i dont need that one anymore.
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