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  • hi mate have you still got your:

    Predators (UK, opened with a dent on the back,check post 26 for pics) £8 ?
    I'm kinda holding off on that IB slip for now ... would love to get JUST the slip since I now own like 20-30 IB movies (discs) :p ; but I'll probably have to order, in which case HMV credited my account for a damaged steel a while back (super 8) that I still havent used.
    Finally at a slow point for IB ... thankfully. Got a mexican slipcover edition recently and I think only thing I need is that recent HMV release slip. I got the HEAT and Iron Man digis from France recently. They are nice but kinda sucks how they are greyish on side and not white like german premium collection.
    whuts up man! just stopping by your page showing love! How's the IM/TDK collections going ... anything new recently?
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