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    [Winner Chosen][Ninja Week '15 Give-away] Pocahontas(Disney Collection)[Zavvi][UK]

    I'd name my daughter Elu (Beautiful) My tribe would be called TheyHateUsCauseTheyAnus My weapon would be throwing stars! Thanks!!!
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    [WINNER CHOSEN] eps999's KimchiDVD Dallas Buyers Club Giveaway

    The fact that Jared Leto has the skill to perform in the way he did... man that was impressive!
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    [WINNER CHOSEN] (Studio Ghibli) Howl's Moving Castle Blu-ray Digibook [Spain]

    The Wind Rises and Mononoke Hime! Awesomest giveaway here!
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    I reeeeaaaallly hope these are in the box, because these are the only ones i miss to complete my WB Premium Collection!! :D:D
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    [WINNER CHOSEN] The Purge & the Purge Anarchy Giveaway

    Hmm gimme Stellan Skarsgard!
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    [WINNER CHOSEN] Finding Nemo Metal Box (Canada)

    I think the fish hid a needle in its mouth (like prisoners do) and punctured the bag on the way down the toilet!
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    [WINNER CHOSEN] Ubisoft Far Cry 4 + Steelbook GiveAway !

    They should do Hawaii man! And im a Sony Playstation guy.. 3 or 4.. Thanks!
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    [WINNER CHOSEN] [Ninja Week'15 Give-away] 4 Steelbooks-Twilight & 3:10 to Yuma

    1) Top Gun 2) Scarface 3) Home Alone (:D) and Megan Fox in Jennifers Body hahahah
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    [NINJA WEEK '15 GIVEAWAY] [Winner Chosen] CA: TWS giveaway

    I love the use of the colors on the Guardians of the Galaxy full slip.. It makes it stand out incredibly beautiful!! after that one I think i like this one the most! Awesome artwork
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    This week is: TOTALLY AWESOME!