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    Master Chief (Halo 4)(1/4 Scale Statue) [McFarlane Toys]

    If you get any extras of those I would love to take one off your hands. I have been a Todd McFarlane fan for ages and Halo since the beginning. :happy grin:
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    Kings Castle

    Hey everyone. Been out a while but have some updates on my rooms. Made some significant updates to the living room. The old HTIB has been tossed out. And to think I thought the little sony thing sounded awesome. TV- Same 51 inch 1080 3D plasma Reciever - Denon AVR-1613 Fronts - Polk 65t Center...
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    King's Treasure Sale.

    Haven't updated this list in quite a while. I think most have been sold. I need to go through and update everything. I will be posting more stuff for sale in a week or so. :happy grin:
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    Breaking Bad: The Complete Series (Barrel Edition) [USA/Canada/UK]

    I think that all of the discs should be housed in a huge model RV. Oh and there has to be some push button somewhere that blurts out Jesse's iconic "*****".
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    Master Chief (Halo 4)(1/4 Scale Statue) [McFarlane Toys]

    Any idea when the pre-orders will begin ? I don't want to miss out like I did with the Hunter statue. :happy grin:
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    The USA Slipcover Megathread

    Agreed, These should have never been an option in the first place.. Not only does it diminish any value\rarity of the originals but I personally wont be buying these versions since I already have the originals and don't want the same looking slips sitting there. Oh well, here's hoping the amazon...
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    The Looking for "X" Poster Thread

    Does anyone have or know where I can get my hands on the Alex Ross Walking Dead poster he did for SDCC 13. I cannot even find a legit copy on eBay.. Was anyone there. Was this even...
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    Forward Unto Dawn Master Chief VS Hunter (Halo 4) - Resin Statue [McFarlane Toys]

    Do you know if there are any of these anywhere aside from eBay for 800? I would love this on in the collection but was hesitant with the holidays coming up around the time it was open for preorder.
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    The Walking Dead: The Complete Third Season (Limited Edition) [USA/CA/UK/FR]

    Awesome. I missed out on the Halo 4 statue. So Im for sure not missing this one. Excellent work. :happy grin:
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    The Walking Dead: The Complete Third Season (Limited Edition) [USA/CA/UK/FR]

    Cannot wait to get this and put it next to the other walking dead collectibles. Very nice work Spawnshop. Did you by chance do any work on the Michonne statue coming out as well through the collectors club ? I have that pre ordered and cannot wait to get it as well. For those who dont know...
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    [DEAD] $8.96 - Brave Blu-ray 11/22 & 11/26

    The first one sold out in a few minutes so if you want this best to get n Amazon a few minuted before and wait for it to go live.
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    The "BURRAGUM" Lenticular Slipcover Discussion Megathread

    I use it all the time on them. Use a little bit. If your really worried spray it on a paper towel and like blot it on then it should wipe away. Always works for me and I have yet to damage a slip.
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    The "BURRAGUM" Lenticular Slipcover Discussion Megathread

    The spray on goof off works good for the gunk. Agreed its one of the nicer slips I have purchased lately. I think it's the vibrant colors that stand out.
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    Your Latest Blu-ray Slipcover Haul Photos

    Where did you find the pet sematary ? I cannot find it anywhere around me.