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  1. Ronald Jenkees

    Has anybody heard this guy? He's friken awesome! Listen to his other tracks. I got his album too. Just amazing.:rock: He's like, crossed between Timberland and Daft Punk
  2. PS3 To Pick Up 360 Title

    Why Mass Effect? That was developed by MS. More likely Left for Dead. Or even Gears of War. Actually maybe not GOW lol. Ahhh who knows? Mass Effect was a sick game though.
  3. Multi Grand Theft Auto 5 (2013)

    San Andreas was the best GTA hands down. But before we all moan and groan about how GTA4 sucked and what not, you have to think about the whole situation. I knew that GTA4 would not be anywhere near as good as SA. And I know that the next one will be much better the 4 and close to as good as SA...
  4. Report: No new consoles until 2013, PS3 to beat 360 by 2011

    It was a rumoured name for the next Playstation. And it was officially Sony that gave it that name. Where was this? Have you seen the movie "Babylon AD"? In the movie, there is a scene where a bunch of buildings are shown. One of them has a huge "Playstation Vantage" sign on it. The film is also...
  5. Bad and Badder - Trying to Prevent Knife Crime in the UK

    No, I've never seen that lol. Damn this message came late lol. Sorry. Get me a link to an ad or something. :):happy grin:
  6. Official Mac Thread

    Ok cool lol. I suppose its really what the user wants. I've heard the Mac is an incredibly user friendly computer, which is a bonus for a lot of people I'm sure. It comes with software ready for most people. I've heard its also very easy to set up. And a lot of Musicians and Video editors use...
  7. Report: No new consoles until 2013, PS3 to beat 360 by 2011

    PS4 (PS Vantage rumour) = 2013 Wii 2 = 2011 Xbox 3 (Xbox 720 rumour) = 2011
  8. The Official Space Thread! Water on the moon CONFIRMED

    I would say about 100 years from now.
  9. The Official Space Thread! Water on the moon CONFIRMED

    There is definitely other life. Maybe be not in our solar system. I don't believe in parallel universes. But if you think of how many solar systems there are, you know that there has to be another planet like Earth.
  10. Official Mac Thread

    Why isn't there a PC thread? I was about 18 when I wanted to get a mac. I was looking around waiting for Christmas to come, then I realised you can build your own PC to how you want it. I don't really understand the hype of a Mac. I'm sure its a great computer and it seems very easy to use...
  11. Michael Jackson Dies

    Well considering he sold out completely, it wouldn't make a difference. Still would be bad ass though!
  12. Michael Jackson Dies

    I've never disrespected Michael Jackson before. i loved him since I was a pup. But that doesn't mean he hasn't made mistakes.
  13. Michael Jackson Dies

    LMAO Alpha, classic. Yeah I was playing that game today lol. There is no doubt Michael Jackson was seriously ****** up. But he was more like a kid then an adult. If you look at him as if he were a child, he makes more sence. Sure its wrong for any adult to sleep with a child (just sleep!)...
  14. Ghostbusters: The Video Game

    I have this on PC. I wouldn't say it was that great though. I've only played the first couple of levels. It was pretty much the same thing over and over. Not played Multiplayer though.