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  • Hello John... Masterblaster. Could you put my name down on the GB for I Saw The Devil steelbook and full slip please? Thank you. Your inbox was full!
    hello masterblaster i put in an order for the sabotage lenticular on your group buy saying 1 xuk please, when you have time can you just let me know you will add me to the list, thankyou and much appreciated..
    HDZETA #2 STeelbooks have arrived - not all but some . Am arranging packaging and sending out Conversations for shipping and other cost.

    Will you be doing a GB for the upcoming Kimchi 'Drive' release do you think?

    Hi John (tried to send you a pm, but your inbox is full)

    Awesome! I am looking for the WIR full 3D slip. I am guessing you're in the States?

    Thanks Aaron
    Hi there

    I have posted in the 'I Saw The Devil,' Plain Archive group buy thread. Just wanted to thank you for orchestrating this, and I would dearly love the full slip exclusive.

    Thanks Aaron
    Hi John,
    Tut mir leid dich zu stören aber kannst du mir vielleicht sagen wie ich dir eine Bewertung für die GB abgeben kann ich suche schon seit Stunden kann aber nichts finden.
    Für eine weitere Hilfe danke im Voraus.
    I've bought a copy of the Face/Off steelbook. Kevin told me that you might have some information about it for us who live in Sweden? Any news on the delivery date?

    Your inbox is full, I believe. Just tried to send this to you...

    "I just wondered, might you be able to leave me feedback for the items we traded a couple of months ago, please? I left some for you, but because I'm still fairly new around here, every little helps! ;) Cheers"
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