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  • Dear John,
    your inbox is FULL. I already pay to you for shipping of JR+WiR. Thanks John
    Hey my friend, hope you are doing alright. :)

    I'm sick as well and I've been in bed since thursday. :( It's some god damn bullshit...

    Get well soon buddy! :thumbs:

    - Anders
    Hi John .I will be on holiday from the 5th of august for 2 weeks so will you please poste WR around the 13th to me so it will arrive to me when I return form my holiday . thanks and all the best to you . Tony
    Hi John,

    Could you get hold of a copy of Face off Blufans Addition? How much? Thx
    Hi John, unfortuanly I'm going to have to leave it for now as other things have came out my account. Hope you understand and sorry for the I inconvinece caused. If this offer is still open for the end of the month ill be more than happy to grab a copy.

    Kind regards
    He'll probably get bored seeing your ugly mug so often :D That would be pretty cool if you could have an entire Avengers set with his signature :D
    JFK (Blu-ray Steelbook) ( Exclusive) [Italy]
    Opportunity Groupbuy?
    Thank you very much ~
    Hi master. Just wanted to know if youre from the uk. Because i wanted a few german steelbooks. It'll help if u are to avoid the international shipping costs.
    Hi master
    I'm newish to the forum,I won't be opting in for the gold edition last stand group buy
    As I'm not sure how I am invoiced or how I pay you..if you get a min could you let me know so I know for next time.. How I pay you and how to opt in
    Thanks a lot
    I've read your RULES and I totally agree with them but can't find out how to pay you all I know it's via PayPal
    Thanks again
    hey John,
    looks like your pm quota is full, I just have a quick question about the lawless GB when you get a tick,
    Dan :)
    Hi Masterblaster !

    Can you help me to get the Rare exports Woodenbox from ?
    Maybe you want some exclusive stuff from germany feel free to ask :)

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