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  • Hello.
    Will I receive confirmation that the purchase has been successful? I made a payment for AQUAMAN HDZETA BOXSET. I do not see any info except that I downloaded money from my PayPal account.
    Hello again,

    Could you please provide me the tracking number for my package containing the Ready Player One HDZeta premium box set? USPS lost my package and they say they cannot do anything without the tracking number. Also, was it insured? Its really going to suck losing almost $200 because USPS cant get their crap together... haha I appreciate your time. Thanks

    Hello, can I sign up to purchase Batman
    Hi, I have a USPS tracking number, but it still only says created. Part of the double lenti Edge of Tomorrow GB and was one of the 1st to order. Any info/help would be great.
    Hi any tracking nr. for the edge of tomorrow edition that you send?
    when will be shipped my Edge of Tomorrow Double Lenticular SteelBook? Release date was set on 6 of February, now is 10 of February. Shipment is still pending.
    Thanks for doing edge of tomorrow group buy, item is amazing
    Good morning, i ordered the "Argo" Lenticular Edition earlier, unfortunately i haven`t received any order nr. or tracking.
    Can you please let me know if my order was shipped or if you have the tracking number please sent it to me, thanks.
    When is trading from la Confidental?
    Trying to get a BvS boxset. Just sent payment.
    hi there.. good to see someone from Singapore here.
    Hello Alex .... Yesterday I participated in the buying group x box batman vs superman but my name does not appear in the list ... how come? I did something wrong? I always paid everything regularly and on time ... .
    Ignore my HDZeta BvS comment... I have since cancelled and edited it.

    I want one but when is payment likely due dude?
    i have a big problem...
    my traking number for the box is not active andy10578 RG299135899CN
    the other traking the box is active...why the my is not active?
    the box is shipping?
    please send me many info...
    Payment $170 for the Mad Max Fury Road box
    Transaction ID: 03H52196CL6725229

    Al Gray
    Payment $65 for Mad Max Fury Road Lenti A
    Transaction ID: 2XY78544TY9542305
    Hi, payment was made for HDzeta almost 3 wks ago. transaction ID 0SA38732HD1432258 . Any idea when it will be shipped?

    Transaction ID: 7GR52823NX3394244

    For Mad Max Fury Road: Full Slip, sent $55
    Payment $55 sent for Mad Max Fury Road; Full Slip

    Transaction ID: 1D080060B8692560U

    Many Thanks
    transaction Id
    3JV48218B7611453U Lenti A
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