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  • My payment sent one lenticular . ID # 40533343Y5969510W

    paul parker
    14 rosedale
    le67 5bh
    United Kingdom
    Good evening ... are you andy10578 ... I wanted to inform you that the HARD CORE user has given me the exclusive rights for the participation in the buying group for Terminator Genisys and future two box sets of Terminator ... I ask kindly change the name in the participant list HARD CORE with andy 10578
    Best regards
    My payment was sent for 1x lenticular. 3LA68001A3641150N

    My address:

    Raynald Lachance
    447 rue Codère # 1
    Sherbrooke Quebec J1E 2P2
    Payment for one Terminator Genisys-Lenticular Edition send!
    Payment was send on the 2nd May 2016
    ID: 51R19159CN0326425

    My Adress:

    Stephan Kasek
    Glasgowstr. 22
    90451 Nürnberg

    Thank you
    what about a free delivery for an HDzeta-T5-Edition, if i order 2 different Editions on my Name?
    hi mate I've just payed


    my address

    paul parker
    14 rosedale
    le67 5bh
    united kingdom
    Tansaction ID for terminator 1/4 slip: 06W32802S0528092C
    Payment was sent on the 21st

    Hope this helps, thanks again!
    Nick and version was on my payment subject. I'm from Madrid (Spain).
    Nick: icharlie17
    1xTerminator Lenticular
    TransactionID: 9Y583306833876436
    Payment sent on March 22.
    Any additional info or help you need just let me know. Thanks for your work with the GB
    Nick and version written in payment note.
    It's a swedish address (Sweden)
    1x The Terminator Lenticular Edition
    Transaction ID: 30X60082XT9140231
    Payment sent 19/3 2016
    Here's my info...

    1x Terminator Lenticular Full Slip to US
    Paypal transaction ID: 89E98230LL789861T

    Payment was sent to you on 3/19/2016

    Please Confirm you received my payment. Thanks
    Hi Alex, here's my info↓

    1x Terminator Lenti to Japan
    Paypal transaction ID: 56177819L5904322V

    I did put my nick & version in the note when I made my payment on 20/03/2016

    Thank you so much!
    1x Terminator Hdzeta Lenticular to Italy
    Paypal transaction: 4NU83229W4876045K (24/03/2016)
    Hi Alex,
    We chatted before on another forum where you said you'd get back to me with your info about buying the Captain America (Taiwan) Steelbook. Can you please get back to me about it?

    Thanks again.
    Jashorn Lee, Singapore
    HP 96304843
    Hello, sorry, payment for 3 sent from shadk27 but made a mistake and put chester21 instead - paid yesterday by paypal. Sorry! Please confirm all is ok. Thanks and apols again
    Hi Alex,

    Could you put me down for 2 X Lenticular Gladiator HDZeta please . To the UK. Thanks
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