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  • Happy Birthday!
    Thand DB!!! Sorry it took this long to see your Post :D tapatalk doesn't alert me when someone comments on my profile:(

    Thanks again DB, Hope all is well with you and your Familia:)
    hey buddy
    que pasa
    yeh .. been layin low.. steels got expensive so i cancelled a few
    but i have man of steel coming this week
    and i feel im at a point where i can be selective .. plus i have to save for some game collectors editions
    Friends to the End! Heidi ho! Ha, ha, ha!
    I know, Predators :rock:
    LOL I didn't see it till just now Ociel. LOL Yowr my fwiend neow. LOL
    Yup we're all stuck here. :hilarious:
    Happy Anniversary!
    Happy 2nd Anniversary buddy
    just PM me your address.
    Maybe just for that one scene - I've seen the make-up in person - looks pretty damn good to me, but they do have to cheat it a bit to get the jaws to look like their missing. Yup, The eyes are fake though - but supposed to look dead. I think they did a good job....
    thanks for the S buddy
    :oohyeah: YEYUH!!!!!!
    happy bday buracho!
    Happy birthday old fella
    Happy Birthday!!!!!! Don't watch too much movies. ^^ :D
    Thanks my friend! Already a year!!! WoW!!!
    Thanks for the salutations! :)
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