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  1. The Ebay Seller/Policies Discussion Thread

    It baffles me that they allow this member to partake in groups buys and all the other things that should only be meant for honest members. Watch list? Don't make me laugh. The legitimate members here have stated Shayid is scamming people but chooses to hides within eBay complex rules. Scammer is...
  2. The Ebay Seller/Policies Discussion Thread

    I agreed to trade over ebay as well. Its been two months and have not received anything. He is ignoring my messages now Is there anything that could be done legally to punish this Mirza Shayid? Why was this ebay user not listed in the bad seller list?
  3. The Ebay Seller/Policies Discussion Thread

    Has anyone dealt with ebay user louieandlel77?
  4. [COMPLETED] GB #2 - Les Misérables (Future Shop Exclusive Steelbook) [Canada]

    Payment sent. Will include tip with django unchained payment.:p
  5. Looking for soundtracks for Memories of Murder, Old Boy, A tale of two Sisters

    The sellers feedback isnt that appealing. Did you order from that seller? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I317 using Tapatalk 2
  6. The "OMG the price is high on Ebay, etc!!!" thread

    :hilarious: Really? I thought you said you suppled him at one point.
  7. I have a few things Tarantino...

    :hilarious:Was going to make a tread for this and then I seen this collection and changed my mind. :smashed:
  8. I'm looking for "X" SteelBook can anyone help me find it? (No 'Haves')

    Looking for Ted korea purchase or trade either way.