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  • Hey Spawn. Just finished watching REC 3. Enjoyed it a lot. Did not realize it was on the comical side though. I have seen both Quarentine, are the other 2 REC kind of funny too?
    Those look pretty badass!!! Although in the show the 2 walkers that accompany Michonne, their face look to fake Looking. Did you notice that? On the premier episode when Michonne walks into the hideout, they do a close up of the Walkers, even their eyes look fake almost plastic.
    Happy 1 year with the site bro... I bet your collection is massive now.
    If its anything like the comics then no surprise there. I've heard rumblings about a certain character ;)
    Click on collection you want to add to > Scroll to bottom and click on "Add To Collection" > Click On Search Button > It then shows all entries in the database of the category you are in. (Steelbooks, Games, etc.) > Then checkmark all that apply and click on "Add selected titles to your collection" > Once approved, you can then go in your collection and edit them to include personalized descriptions, details, etc.

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