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  1. Craft Beer - Post Your Pics!

    Picked up some Founders Rübæus and Short's Dan's Pink Skirt yesterday. I forgot how much I missed Rübæus its been about 5 years I think. Also grabbed a bottle of Arbor Brewing Sodibo. I dont like any of their beers but they are really doing a good job with their sour program. Other than...
  2. Craft Beer - Post Your Pics!

    That is a nice list there. Rare and RARER are so damn good. DRIPA, BA4D, and Eisbock are all delicious. Vanilla DL if its anything like it was a few years ago its definitely the best DL varient.
  3. Craft Beer - Post Your Pics!

    Here is my one trade I have done in a few months. I still have some HOTD and Cascade Bottleworks XIV coming but this is the first half of the trade. I am really excited for the Big Sky Bottleworks XI and the Fish Tale BA Poseidon. The Barrel aged 4 calling birds was something I was not...
  4. Craft Beer - Post Your Pics!

    Big beer day today. Picked up bell's hopslam, shorts publican porter, founders imperial stout, 2013 bigfoot, and arcadia barrel aged imperial stout
  5. Craft Beer - Post Your Pics!

    Our tasting has started. Started with Isabelle Proximus and Lente. Zomer is being poured right now
  6. Craft Beer - Post Your Pics!

    we are having a tasting on saturday, we have been planning for over a year. the list so far is: De Cam Oude Gueuze 09 Girardin Gueuze White Label Girardin Kriek Girardin Framboise Girardin Faro 3 Font Golden Blend 3 Font Armand Lente x 2 3 Font Armand Zomer x 2 3 Font Armand Herfst...
  7. Craft Beer - Post Your Pics!

    Heard on Friday that these were on the shelf at Bell's general store so my dad and I took a trip out their on Sunday and grabbed some bottles.
  8. Craft Beer - Post Your Pics!

    i went but i got there late so all the beer i wanted was sold out. I did have BBBW and BA Solar Eclipse on tap.
  9. Craft Beer - Post Your Pics!

    Went on a little beer trip yesterday. Started out at Bell's in the morning then drove down to Greenbush for lunch. They just released their Barrel aged imperial cream stout, delusion. So we got a few bottles of that. Lastly we went to Three Floyd's. They released Murda'd Out stout so we...

    Shelton Bros are a bunch of douchers and dont distribute in michigan anymore :-( I know someone who has a regular trader that sends him some so i am usually there when he opens one.
  11. Craft Beer - Post Your Pics!

    Great weekend for beer!!! Friday we stopped at Bell's for Eccentric Day!! They had 60+ beers on tap. We then went to the Dark Horse 4 Elf Party and had an amazing time for sure. Lined up at 5am and were 25th in line for our beer. Spent the day sharing bottles with a lot of people and drinking...
  12. Craft Beer - Post Your Pics!

    So next Saturday i am going to Dark Horse's 4 Elf Party. This is what i have to look forward too. Special Bottled Beer Release Availability (Limited Quantities): 2011 4 Elf Winter Ale: 19 cases / 2 - 4 pack limit 2012 4 Elf Winter Ale: 180 cases - no limit 2011 BBL Plead the 5th: 9...
  13. Craft Beer - Post Your Pics!

    I dont have pictures but I went to Bell's this weekend and picked up six bottles of Barrel Aged Batch 9000. Damn its so tasty!
  14. What Beer are you drinking?

    Sup Bitches!!!! its been awhile. I just got my PC back for the first time since February so I figured i would see whats going on. Here is what i drank today. Not a fan of Big Bad Baptist but I love Fermentation without Representation.
  15. What Beer are you drinking?

    How did you snag a bottle of that? Love that beer!! so glad they are right around the corner from me. Im going to the Michigan Summer Beerfest in a couple weeks and hope they tap some while im there. I feel like there is a lot of BN going around these days which is cool. Great beer...