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  1. The Official, "I've received My HDN Coin" Thread!!! :)

    Cheers @harry :thumbs: @apsmith21 has already diligently awarded me my gold star - awesome!:D
  2. The Official, "I've received My HDN Coin" Thread!!! :)

    "Sweet yeti of the Serengeti!" :D Huge thanks to Andy and all the staff for bringing us this stupendous collectible. I was so pleased when this arrived Today. It's #16 for me bloodsnake :thumbs:
  3. [EASTER EGG HUNT] Find the eggs hidden around the forum and win! [10 WINNERS]

    Congratulations Jack! :thumbs: The challenge coin club welcomes another euphoric ninja :D
  4. Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 6 (Blu-ray SteelBook) (Amazon excl.) [Germany]

    It's going to be 20 years EEK! this Friday since the original air date of the last episode 'All Good Things'. How old does that news make you feel? ;)
  5. Acme Archives Star Wars Day Prints

    Servers were hit big time for the Englert. I was getting nowhere at 1:00pm, the site wouldn't even load for me for about 10mins. Figured some copies may end up getting re-stocked after the 15 time limit was up, which must have been the case, as I finally managed to cart a copy around 1:17pm...
  6. 10 Year Anniversay [Gallery 1988] - Art Exhibition

    Artworks now online.... I love these small prints from Budich. Each one is a $10 6 x 6 print. :thumbs: Are you nerd enough to identify all the references? I wasn't. :p Answers here
  7. The Official SteelBook Custom Glossing thread!

    Here you go Gamesgaryjp, a quick before and after gif of my greatly appreciated copy of TLM :rock:
  8. How Many SteelBooks Do You Own? Post pics of collection / last acquired!

    A couple of very pleasing customs have arrived :yess: The Little Mermaid, transformed beyond all recognition by Howie & Zesty, simply beautiful work on this one guys. Akira was a personal request, which Howie was good enough to accommodate. I think you'll agree the pictures speak for...
  9. [Concluded] Ausnew's There Was Blood [Give-Away]

    "I missed out and I want one" Fantasic giveway idea Ausnew THANKS!!!
  10. Alert - Small Stock Qty - TWBB/Aviator/Pyjamas/FromDusk

    Zavvi HQ "Did you get that memo about TWBB re-listing?" At work checking both HDN and Zavvi, boss in very close proximity, nerve racking stuff...:happy grin:
  11. Breaking Bad: The Complete Series (Barrel Edition) [USA/Canada/UK]

    For anyone interested in picking up the Mezco Breaking Bad challenge coins, it seems they have 4 sets currently back in stock.... I'm lucky enough to have the full set of 6, great quality items and...
  12. Latest Framed Posters & Art

    Mark Englert – Let’s See If You Bastards Can Do Ninety (Variant) 138/150 I'll need a black light to fully appreciate this GID beauty :thumbs:
  13. Pics Of Your Last Art Print Acquired

    This was my favourite print from the recent Mondo/Disney exhibition. In the flesh it's incredible. This and my Forbidden Planet print are up next for framing. :happy grin: