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  • Hiya, please can I have more information on The Martian spine sticker?
    Hi! buddy! Thanks for ur message.

    what about the information?
    It's silver metal sticker. You can attach on the steelbook spine.
    If u ask any question, do not hesitate contact to me again.
    Hi, saw your earlier post about The Martian spine sticker you created, how do I go about getting one , cost etc ?
    Looking to get a Lone Ranger spine sticker if they are still available. Please send me a pm and we can discuss.
    Hi, I got your name from user CasuallyDressed on the other site. I bought a Hunger Games spine sticker from him last year, I believe he got them from you. I was wondering if you were planning on doing a spine sticker for The Martian Steelbook? An if not could you please help me out with any info on creating one. Cheers Paul
    Hi there

    Thanks for getting back to me. Ok I shall send them a message and see what they say

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