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  • I can ask about a sonic steelbook to some others...that's for the new one right? If you want to talk, just do a PM, that way I get notified.
    Yea they are but I'm looking for the Sonic steelbook and someone on ebay has a decent price. I was going to get the saints row one but I didn't want another stickerbook, dead island was enough for me :p. In fact I'm actually going to make my own Saints Row sticker book instead but now I need to find someone who makes vinyl stickers.
    I did have one guy help me out, think it was pmartin, but ill have to check. I got a dead island from Spain...but he waited until he had made a trip to UK to send it because he said shipping was a lot. Maybe we can make it worth it. I'd like to get my hands on a saints row 3 steel, think those are only from Spain.
    lol, yeah, it's cool to have a local connection...especially if we ever want to import stuff and can split the costs!
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