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  1. WINNER CHOSEN kryptonite’s Mill Creek Give-Away

    WOO! Awesome @kryptonite !!! Thanks so much for the giveaway!
  2. Sat-Day 6 Matt's Digital Copy Giveaway!!

    I'd like the Saving Private Ryan digital copy! I'm looking forward to the Aladdin Live Action with Will Smith as Genie
  3. WINNER CHOSEN Flloydo’s giveaway #2 - Batman Pop vinyl

    Jake Gyllenhall for Batman Pete Davidson for Joker

    Bundle 2 Zombie Flesh the art on this one! Thanks for the giveaway
  5. WINNER CHOSEN Total Recall Mondo - Part 2

    thanks @C.C. 95 Haven't tagged @Drum18
  6. WINNER CHOSEN Total Recall Mondo - Part 1

    Jingle All The Way...nah Terminator ha! Tagging @bloodsnake007 Thanks @C.C. 95
  7. WINNER CHOSEN KIN 4k Ultra HD Blu-ray Give-away! Brand New!

    This guy @jdclark88 was likely born in the 80's, a year after me with that 88 in his name, but 1987 though for the win!
  8. WINNER CHOSEN AVENGERS Infinity WAR Single Lenti Give-Away!

    I love my Batman, but I can't picture him out of DC and in the MCU So I'm going to go with Superman, because like a lot of the other MCU his origin story is very unique and different Henry Cavill
  9. WINNER CHOSEN McFarlane Prize Pack

    Stranger Things Season 3! Thanks for the giveaway!
  10. Fri-Day 5 zesty Giveaway #18 - Dunkirk Custom Lenticular Slipbox (2 Winners)

    Saving Ryan's Privates (for obvious reasons) :shipped: