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    New Comic Book Day (NCBD) & Latest Pick Up Haul!

    Picked up a few comics from a cool store called The Beguiling while visiting my brother in Toronto last weekend.
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    Congrats Everyone! - Our Main SteelBook Forum Just Surpassed 1,000,000 Posts!

    That's a hell of an amazing milestone! Congrats, @djjez83, and congratulations to all of the Ninjas out there that makes this place as awesome as it is! :thanks:
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    Zombieland: Double Tap - In theaters October 11, 2019

    Finally watched this last night and I absolutely loved it! They trailers didn't do it justice. I think it's easily just as good as the first and possibly even better. @Wreck @Flloydo Did you guys see it yet?
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    Death Stranding (SteelBook) (GAME NOT INCLUDED) [Japan]

    I'm in the same boat. Playing the game this weekend and then we'll see. If this was Yoji Shinkawa art, I would've bought it without playing first.
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    Limited Ed Price Drop/Back in Stock Thread

    That's some good prices on those sets at Sunrise. Somewhat shocking considering how Sunrise definitely isn't the place to go to for good deals. I didn't even know about that Hitchcock set! Looks really cool! And that's interesting about Criterion giving out exclusivity to a Canadian distributor...
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    Komor's Horror collection

    FANTASTIC collection! So many amazingly cool horror slipcovers here. I wish Kristy would be released in Region A.
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    Horror Chat Last horror film watched/purchased?

    I really appreciate the kind words of encouragement, and sorry to hear about the tough times you had with your daughter. Hope all is better now.
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    Your Latest Blu-ray Slipcover Haul Photos

    Damn, @komor! You're killing it with these hauls!! :OMG::thumbs:
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    Limited Ed Price Drop/Back in Stock Thread

    So is $210 the sale price? has it for $203.64, if that's the case. I've never heard of that site before, though. Nice to know there's a Canadian alternative for Arrow and Criterion. :thumbs:
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    Horror Chat Last horror film watched/purchased?

    Don't forget, horror fans -- the new GeekCap Halloween Special is now available to watch over on YouTube! Wreck has a cool giveaway somewhere within the video, so give it a watch and enter to win! :thanks: Tagging some horror fans from this thread (please tag others that you think would be...
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    Horror Chat Last horror film watched/purchased?

    The Mist series was unfortunately cancelled after the first season.
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    Halloween Special NINJA Interview (GeekCap)

    Just want to pop in to say thank you to everyone who collaborated on this fun little project and for @Snollygoster for editing together one hell of a video! Trust me, The GeekCap is nowhere near as good until Jake puts his magic touch on it. Should we do a Christmas/holiday special this year...
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    Horror Chat Last horror film watched/purchased?

    Wrapping up this thread with the last bunch of films from my October-long marathon. After that, the 'Last horror film watched/purchased' thread will be re-opened and this thread will be merged with it. Thanks for joining in with the marathon this year, everyone! :vamp: