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  • Yeah man I'm not bad, great to see you back and on the Tube. Only just saw this message do sorry I'm late replying.
    great your back on the tube man!
    Hope u had a nice birthday mate :)
    I saw it... So glad to see the tats and steels! Amazing update!
    hey man, you gonna do any steelbook videos again?
    hey buddy i was wondering if you can grab me a copy of GLADIATOR in steelbook the 10th anniversary edition one, dutch release?
    Thanks for the comment Web X! Im trying to get legendary like you by the way you have one of my favorite tube channels ever! Check me and my brother Blu Reaper out on HDCommandments on youtube also!
    you have an awesome collection my friend, want more videos on youtube please
    awesome collection of steels their mate.
    No problem dude! I am glad you like them! Thanks again!
    Hi thanks for the Sub, I watched some of your videos too and subbed back.
    Great steelbooks man, you need to trade a few with me. Lol
    Thank you glad you liked the pics
    I like your avatar, bad ass pic of spiderman.
    Hey Web! Glad to see you here, did you get my email on YouTube?
    welcome buddy :) good to see you on here
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