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  • Howdy. As I have not done GB before (always order direct off retailer), I’m considering doing so for Cooey’s Kimchidvd’s Hacksaw Ridge Special Box. It looks like the same size/weight as the Wind River Special Box. What sort of $US to ship out from the hub to New Zealand do you reckon?
    soon as i ship first wind river box abroad ill know. very soon.
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    Hi Wreck,

    Eiichiro has offered me his blade runner one click and I was hoping you could post direct to me ?

    In terms of payment I will pay him once you can confirm and any other cost pay HDN.

    Kind regards

    Hey Wreck, i noticed a couple years ago, you talked about the Blockbuster Movie Poster. Do you have them still/want to sell?? or Know where you can get them.
    Hey Wreck. I've got every Mondo Steelbook except fot the newest Avengers release... I'd like to order through the group buy option (if possible) but have never done this. Can you tell me if I can still order this through group buy? I'm in Canada so I'm wondering if there's an addiditonal cost?

    Just hoping to clarify my options so I can place an order.

    Can't wait to get my hands on those new goodies from Mondo Con 2016.
    New Goodies for HDN Shop Sales Coming Soon!
    Hello! I am still new to Group buys, but am adamant about getting involved more significantly with the community. Please include me in any GBs, specifically Hateful Eight, and Deadpool, but am willing to get into any. These are just the specific ones I want.

    Thank you sincerely,
    Ninja Week 16' STATS coming soon!
    Ninja Week 16' Coming Soon
    Overwhelmed by CON
    have take 3 orders from your store. These are taken with my Paypal account and address. I was wondering there are no shipping costs will ask. Did you get the orders?
    Hi wreck. I need your expertise. Remember when I asked Ninja members, what does #1 reviewer of the month mean on Zavvi. I've post a number of reviews for the steelbooks I've purchased. Beside all my reviews I see #1 reviewer of the month Does that mean I won that £100.00 voucher for posting a review? I know this may seem like an odd question. I just want to make sure. Thanks for your time. Have a nice day
    Thanks for everything Wreck!!!
    Sent the $12.95 for Cap! Thanks Wreck!!!!
    Crazy Collector!
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