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  • Hi,
    have take 3 orders from your store. These are taken with my Paypal account and address. I was wondering there are no shipping costs will ask. Did you get the orders?
    Hi wreck. I need your expertise. Remember when I asked Ninja members, what does #1 reviewer of the month mean on Zavvi. I've post a number of reviews for the steelbooks I've purchased. Beside all my reviews I see #1 reviewer of the month Does that mean I won that £100.00 voucher for posting a review? I know this may seem like an odd question. I just want to make sure. Thanks for your time. Have a nice day
    Please let us know if you get info that Rocketeer will be coming back for sale. Snoozed on this one...my fault.
    Lion King diamond edition (Blu-ray Steelbook) [Taiwan] at yesasia and JSdvd. 52 USD.
    You know anything about this... I thought this was long time OOP, OOS. And the title is apparently in english despite TW release... Is this a re release or what. I dont understand much of this. Ordered it the second i came over it just now... Dont know what will arrive though. Hopefully a steelbook = )
    Wreck, i have the 6ft cinema banner from ingloriuos with brad pitt on it.

    I got this a few years ago and have had it on my wall. Its still in its original box from the cinema.

    Would you be interested in this?
    Regarding this reissue at Zavvi, please let us know whether your original message was meant to imply this rerelease as happening today, or whether you simply intended to impart the information as to when this was going to happen.
    Also, I forgot to mention, I never see you on PSN anymore. You haven't signed into your account for months, the last time I checked.
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