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January 31
Staffordshite, UK
Favorite Movie(s)
Requiem for a Dream
Favorite Video Game(s)
Old school Sonic/Mario/Disney Platforms - ALL Tony Hawk, Lego Games, GTA's, Destiny, Infamous series
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PSN = Jugdar


(Pre-)ordered ;
For Sale/Trade: (PM me) Black Panther Blufans OC Box only / Steelbooks: The Greatest Showman Kimchi Lenti, Noah 3D,
Wanted/Wishlist Akira Kimchi lenti, Avengers Nova Lenti, Avengers Infinity War WeeT B1 lenti, Doctor Strange WWA SB(or Kimchi Lenti with WWA), From Dusk Til Dawn Kimchi Lenti, GotG Vol 1 Nova Lenti(poster shot), Guardians Vol 2 WeeT Lenti, Jackie Brown Kimchi Lenti, Joker Manta DL/SL, Leon Kimchi Lenti, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Manta DL, Reservoir Dogs Nova Lenti, Venom FAC E2 DL, Wonder Woman Manta SL,
Info - Instagram / Twitter / gamertag; PSN = Jugdar / Xboxlive = Jugdar13
** Need help with UK only releases, feel free to contact me - happy to help fellow collectors**