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    [WINNER CHOSEN] CAPELIGHT PICTURES - Steelbook Bundle Giveaway!

    The Boondock Saints because of the great artwork
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    Rambo (2008) (Blu-ray SteelBook) (Zavvi Exclusive) [UK]

    It definitely isn´t perfect but sill it is a nice addition to my Rambo collection! Nice and simple!
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    Dobby Life Size

    They are getting sold. The producer is called oxmox. Their homepage is: but they are crazy expensive. I got mine from my local Müller where they had it for promotion. I bought it from them for 50€ when they didn´t need it anymore. But i only got it because my mother is working there.
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    Dobby Life Size

    Nice one! Congrats for getting it! It´s a eye catcher in every collection! I have a similar one. Mine is a little more detailed with hair and beard and stuff and mine has a big base where he stands on. Here´s a pic of mine :-)
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    The Crow (Wooden Box Blu-ray Edition) [Germany]

    Awsome! I just ordered! It´s expensive but it looks so worth it!!! My favorite film ever!
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    The Road Within Give-Away Blu-ray

    Thanks für the Give Away!
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    funny pics from the interwebz

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    Viele Grüße zurück aus Schwabach :-)

    Viele Grüße zurück aus Schwabach :-)
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    The 2015 I have received my challenge coin thread!

    I received my coins today too. I love them so much!!!!!! Thanks to everyone involved! They look so awsome!!! I´m in love :)
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    Request your Challenge Coin #3 Medal / Award here

    I just received mine and would love to get an award too! Thank you so much to everyone involved and please @AcIDc0r3 can i get my award?
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    [WINNER CHOSEN] After NinjaWeek is before NinjaWeek

    Thanks for the give away! I´d chose Dead Snow and Maleficia Well since i´m from Germany myself it´s not so easy to answer that question. I guess i like the Steelbook marked here. We really can´t complain about the number of releases we get in Germany. I also like the German beer and of...
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    [WINNER CHOSEN] 40 Euros to Spend in Media Markt + Free Shipping

    Congrats @severo !!!!! Let me know which Steels you want!
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    [WINNER CHOSEN] 40 Euros to Spend in Media Markt + Free Shipping

    This is your last chance to enter and good look to everyone who already entered! I´m already curious who will win :-)
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    I can´t believe it! Thank you so much!!!!!! Ninja Week rocks!!!!!