Andy's I'm Ready To Ship My Stuff! Group Buy

These were updated a while back (and you have to click through these before purchasing) - might be worth reading again if it’s been a while.


Limit of 2x copies per any purchase.

Only mint or near mint & new copies will be passed on to members here.

Additionally - a lot of the collectible items I help source usually come wrapped with cardboard slipcovers. I'll do my best to inspect them, but I cannot see underneath the plastic. I will not open an item for you to inspect prior to shipping. I cannot return items that are opened to the retailer.

"OCD" disclaimer. MANY copies from from all kinds of group buys often run into issues. If you are a collector that also expects a perfect copy, in every way, I ask that you source your items somewhere else. I can NO LONGER SUPPORT OCD COLLECTORS!!!!!!

Many people ask about special item requests! I ONLY will entertain those requests from members that visit or post all the time.

Thank you for keeping this in mind with any order you place with me.


If you are ready to ship, you may visit my shipping group buy and purchase shipping!

Andy's I'm Ready To Ship My Stuff! Group Buy

Otherwise, details below.

QUOTES below are for up to 3 collectible editions ONLY. New postage quotes provided as necessary with copies ordered exceed
3 steelbooks (or equivalent).

I will pack in the following manner - case will be bubble wrapped, in a heavier cardboard box.

Please note - with non-trackable shipping - you the buyer understand that I cannot verify it's delivery - as I leave the choice up to you, this is not my responsibility.

I will retain proof of shipping for each package.

All delivery times are ESTIMATES only.

First Class International (Box) - with delivery confirm to most countries.

Delivery to most locations - 10 - 14 business days, but may take longer. The amounts below are ESTIMATES.
Postage to any country is subject to change from the US Postal Service.
USPS has increased their postage rates to international countries as of January 9, 2022.

You will see a slight increase of less than $3 to the overall cost of postage.

Postage costs have been updated due to rate increase from USPS for locations outside of USA.

Shipping insurance, going forward, can be purchased on demand from USPS at the time of shipping (quote has to be done before mailing).

UK members should consider BREXIT changes prior to shipping and contact me if there are concerns.
hi all, if you're not aware, there have been many service disruptions for mail across the globe.

As always, I'm glad to hold your items until such a time that the risk is lower for loss of items.

I use the following page to get an idea of how things are going to your country that I would be sending to.

Please note, I can try and ship your items if you'd like me to, but once they have left my location, I cannot tell you any more
about the package if it goes missing or if it's going to take longer than normal.

My advice would be to wait on shipping any group buy package.
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Postage rates to countries outside of the USA have increased by $1 per package as of this posting.

GB postage cost has gone up to $31.61
USPS has increased postage by $0.50

Updated group buy price to reflect this postage increase.
USPS has raised their postal rates, please note the new cost to ship items outside of the USA.