Best Buy [CLOSED] Hocus Pocus Blu-ray Steelbook

Group buy restock
hi everyone, just a quick update about this group buy from what I've been seeing from Best Buy.

Most stores only stocked 2 copies of this release. My orders were with the website, and had been placed a while back.

I only have a few copies in hand right now, certainly not enough for everyone that has purchased one based on the quantity I ordered from Best Buy and the quantity ordered
from me.

However, given it was a Sunday release day, Best Buy often messes this up, so while I'm currently cautious, I do believe Best Buy will fulfill these orders - but I cannot
give price matches until they are in hand, especially if Best Buy decides not to ship as many as I have ordered.

Lots of problem with this one, it appears - if it helps, my edition from Target shipped a few days late (yesterday), so the delay might be with Disney and not Best Buy.

Thanks in advance for your patience, this might take until next week before I have more info - I could definitely see at the earliest that these ship out later in the week, but
no one really has any info for me right now.

And yes, for those asking, I will try and obtain more copies if they ship the ones I have ordered and it comes back for purchase.
Hi everyone, I've updated the price of the group buy for future purchases and anyone that has already purchased, I'll plan on getting you a refund via your shipping group buy purchase.

We'll chat more when I get Best Buy to manually match some of the orders that have already been shipped.