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Target [CLOSED] La La Land Target Exclusive Slipcover & Bonus Disc

hey everyone, wanted to post a quick update as I consolidate orders for folks and start to look at either billing shipping or shipping only if payment has been received.

I went through all the slips this morning and every one of them had a small amount of missing paint on the bottom right hand side of the slip.

I've checked some photos on instagram and see the same issue there.

I don't see any problems beyond that, so appears they are in overall great shape.

Given my experience with the Walmart slips as well, there is a widespread issue with all La La Land slips (with the 50+ Walmart exclusive ones I inspected, many had a similar problem).

My local Target is now sold out and I can confirm that when I went yesterday that they had less than 4 copies on the shelf - so it's unlikely that these can be exchanged.

Again, these are overall in great shape, but since I'm completely open about the condition of items I pass along, I always like to note things in advance.

If you have any questions or further concerns, please let me know.
These editions have shipped from Target.

1 copy left for anyone searching for this one!