Target [OPEN] Stranger Things 4K UHD Blu-ray VHS Collectors Set

Got 3 more copies from my local store, if anyone is searching.
Added 5 more copies for sale
Group buy restocked @vhalx
Today (Thursday) is a holiday in the USA, but to everyone that has paid for their shipping cost, I'm looking to start packing tomorrow (Friday) with the intent on shipping a number of them out on Saturday.

Given this tine of year, those that delay shipping payment beyond this upcoming week might not receive their package in a timely fashion, there is a lot of volume of packages during the holidays and international shipments take longer.
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Group buy restocked with more copies, feel free to buy another copy if you'd like a second one.
For those asking, I am willing to order more copies for group buyers once this first batch is received in hand.

The picture online shows the regular blu-ray edition - I want to make sure I get sent the right ones before ordering more.

Stay tuned for updates

Got my orders in for the UHD discs, will update when they ship.

Still seems to be some confusion on the release date based on target.com and stores.