Best Buy [OPEN] The Avengers TRIPACK Steelbooks with Ferguson art

Just a quick note if you want to continue the series, Ant-man should arrive today, copies still available in my group buy.


More than willing to hold for a future release, infinity war or another request.
Got some more copies, and a buddy helped me get some at a store close to him.
Planning on doing a few more orders in the next couple of days, for those that might come along later and want to buy this set.

Group buy restocked.
hey guys, the price dropped at Best Buy for each of these. I'm working on getting price matches now since they all shipped at $29.99, once I can confirm that they did indeed match the price, I'll either get a refund to you or credit the amount to refund to your shipping cost.

Just FYI, a bunch of these have shipped from Best Buy