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Proper Search Technique for Thread Titles

Some may say that the search function doesn't work correctly and yields too many results. This is why you created a thread for the new SteelBook listing while all along there was already a thread for it thus resulting in your newly created thread being merged or deleted by a moderator.

These tips will ensure that that scenario does not happen. If the search function is used correctly it can and will be a benefit to your use and will be a invaluable tool at your disposal.

These techniques can be used anywhere in the forum.

Below you'll see the handy search box which appears after clicking the little magnifying glass icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Once the search box is open type the name of your title in the search queue. Now select the tick box where it says "Search titles only". This step is very crucial because it allows you to search only titles and not the body of each and every post that has the name that you typed which can quite honestly be more than what you bargained for.
Search Box.JPG

Once you have the name entered and Search Titles Only selected you can click on the search button. The image below is what the results would look like by following the instruction above. Notice how it yielded only six results. Now choose the desired thread or now you'll know that there is already a thread for the title you were about to create a new thread about, saving you a lot of trouble.
Search Results 6.JPG

The image below is what you will see if you did NOT select Search Titles Only. If you notice it yielded you not 10 results, but 10 pages of results. EEK!
Search Results 10page.JPG

If you want to search for your threads in specific forums, then click the search box and then the More... button to activate the Search page. Then follow the instructions below.
Search ThreadsPosts_edited.jpg

I hope these tips will make a better search for you in your time here with us at HDN. Thanks for your patience. :)
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