Trading Forum Guidelines

For your reference, here are some of the "faces" that you will see working in our trading forums. PLEASE NOTE: while any staff member or moderator is glad to assist with any question or issue, please contact one of the trading focused members below first.

Naughtius Maximus - HDN's Trading Manager
mllNY - General Media, and Steelbook trading assistance
apsmith21 - HDN's Group Buy Manager - will assist in all trading areas


Item Quality & Guidelines for Trades & Sales
Agreed a Trade/Sale? Read HERE
Paypal Gift/Goods payment options
Asking New Traders to ship first - for established members
How to Pack a Steelbook
Worldwide Packaging Supplier List
Insurance (USA/CA only)
Tracking & Tracing the location of packages
Fraud Deterrents
Tips to Protect Both Parties
Completed a Trade/Sale? Read HERE on how to leave Feedback
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NEW TRADER RULES (below 3 positive feedbacks)

The staff and mods at HiDefNinja would like to request ALL NEW traders post their on going transactions in the Active Pending Sales / Trades section.

A new trader is defined as a trader that has less than 3 positive feedbacks ON THIS SITE.

Established and trusted traders on HiDefNinja may use this section at their discretion or when interacting with new traders.

  1. is not responsible for any trades, we do not back any trades, all trades are made at your own discretion. can also not be held accountable for anything involving you trading/selling something with a member of this site.
  2. Movies should be where possible shipped in a manner that allows for TRACKED PACKAGING. In the US, a steelbook can be shipped 1st class USPS with delivery confirmation for around $4.00 - this includes a box, an ample amount of bubble wrap and a total weight of about 10 oz with delivery confirmation. International rates vary, but any REGISTERED MAIL package can be tracked at when it enters the US.
  3. Do not trade/sell an item that is not in your possession.
  4. Be willing to post feedback from other forums, e-bay, and other members here.
  5. Members may have one trade/sale thread open at any time. If you have new items edit your thread with the new information. Created a thread and can’t see it? Read HERE.
  6. Members can have a group buy thread available in addition to their trading thread.
  7. You must list a price or state for trade only. “Make an offer” is NOT acceptable.
  8. You must list your wants if trading - members can't guess at what you are looking for.
  9. If you fail to complete a trade or sale as agreed, further action may be taken against your account. All trades in this steelbook forum are made in good faith.
  10. You are allowed to bump your thread once per day - other traders deserve time at the top.
  11. List your country of origin so there is no confusion on where you reside. This way members who are international can know right away if the thread is valid for them, as some members may not wish to engage a trade outside of their home market or to certain territories based on shipping expenses and/or any associated risks. Remember, we have a global forum with members from all over the world so these new rules are not to single out any members or residents of any country, but rather to make the process smoother for everyone. Members please make sure that your listings are up to date and that any restrictions are clearly noted for all to see.

  1. Ask for PHOTO proof of the item(s) with the sellers / traders name on the items.
  2. If purchasing an item, always consider paying with paypal as a regular payment. GOODS payments will protect you if something goes wrong. GIFT / PERSONAL payments WILL NEVER protect you. Offer to pay the sellers paypal fees.
    You can use to determine what the amount of fees should be. Remember, if you pay with personal payments, you are WAIVING paypal's protection.

  3. Pay with a credit card. If paypal won't help you, your credit card will.
  4. Ask for TRACKING AND INSURANCE if your package is a HIGH VALUE.
  5. Ask for proof of postage, including a picture of the mailing receipt. (without this you cannot claim compensation from postal system if item is damaged or is lost)
  6. Steelbooks, should ALWAYS be shipped in a box and be wrapped in bubble wrap. These collectibles can stand some punishment, but best practices call for protecting the item, especially in international trades. See examples here. If you do not ship in a protected box, and instead send fragile items in a bubble mailer or other non-protected package, you assume all financial risk, and must be prepared to compensate the buyer for any damages.
  7. If you are an established trader, it is not unreasonable to ask the other party to send first.
  8. Please ship items to other members within a reasonable and agreed-upon time frame. Please remain accessible via PM's, and e-mail so you can exchange information regarding trades quickly. As the online identity is usually the only way members know each other, it is your responsibility to exchange information, updating including tracking numbers, or any unexpected delays in completing trades, with your trading partner.
  9. All community members are valued at The moderators reserve the right to contact traders/and or suspend accounts if trading rules are violated.


  10. To protect all members we reserve the right to ask you for detailed feedback/references prior to posting Group Buys, sales threads, etc.
  11. We will follow up with any members that voice complaints to our staff. If necessary, we will cooperate with any other agencies, companies, and staff at other sites, and offices to provide information on transactions that may be proven to involve fraud and other illegal activity. We reserve the right to site privileges and Group Buy creation privileges, if necessary.
  12. As part of the trade rule #3 above, (do not sell items not in your possession)... Do not take payments on behalf of another party and "forward them on”.
  13. DO NOT TRADE via PM. Create a Active & Pending Trades/Sales thread once you’ve agreed a sale/trade – without this we will not be able to provide much assistance in helping you resolve trading issues or questions.
  14. Feedback in our itrader system (negative or otherwise) may not be left for trades where no agreement can be reached or if a party "backs out". Feedback may ONLY be left if the transaction is complete, or a trader cannot resolve an issue with the other party - in order to be counted as transaction - something has to have occurred. Funds changing hands, one person sending an item, a damaged item being received with no resolution, etc.

    Feedback in our itrader system is ONLY for transactions that have occurred on this forum. We don't keep track of or police transactions on e-bay, other forums, newspaper classifieds or other online listing services.
  15. If any seller, new or existing has a quantity 5 items of one title that they are selling, than that user is requested to open a Group Buy thread or to contact a trading moderator / staff member for further advice or assistance.
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