1. EvilThing

    EvilThing's Wonder Woman collection

    It's not reached John Wick proportions yet but here's my WW collection so far, please Thank this post if you like :thumbs:

    #TheLaw's Wonder Woman Collection

    From left to right: - Manta Lab Box Set - HDZeta Box Set - Manta Lab Double Lenti - Manta Lab Full Slip - Manta Lab Single Lenti - Amazon Germany Exclusive 4K SteelBook - MediaMarkt/Saturn Austria/Germany Exclusive SteelBook - Manta Lab Full Slip - US amaray release, came without its slipcover...
  3. EvilThing

    EvilThing's John Wick collection

    Help me get 25 votes for this and earn my JW award :) Here we go...with part 3 dated for 2019 I might have *just* finished collecting editions of parts 1&2 :rofl: Making a 1-click for parts 1&2 :whistle: Korean slipcover amaray: German Digibook:
  4. N

    Marvel Steelbook Award

    yep. how about creating a MSA ? cheers, Nef
  5. Nightcrawler

    Scarface Award?

    Not sure if there's some sort of award suggestion thread but saw a few threads here with award suggestions so thought this was the place to put it, if I'm wrong I apolgize. How about a Scarface award? It's a cult classic and my all time favourite movie, would be cool for fans to post their...
  6. NoDingsNoScratches

    Guardians of the Galaxy AWARD

    One of the best films of 2014, and with all the superb blu ray editions released for this film, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY deserves an Award!
  7. bloodsnake007

    King Kong Award!?

    Hey NINJAS! There should be a KING KONG Award!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rock: Lets make it happen! :thumbs: