1. bigfub

    Thu-Day 4 Insurgent UK Ltd Edition

    I bought this and so did my other half so here we have a new and sealed copy of the UK Insurgent digibook. Open to all Ninjas regardless of post count and I'll pay postage anywhere in the world :) All you have to do is thank the post and I'll pick a winner using on Monday...
  2. bigfub

    Thu-Day 4 Bigfub's Walking Dead Bonanza

    I've been lucky enough to be given Compendium 3 of The Walking Dead, so I thought I'd pass on my luck by offering Volumes 17-24 plus a bonus t-shirt from Tee Fury that I won as a Ninja prize (but never wore because it was too small). Give away is open to all Ninjas regardless of post count and...